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basic info:He was born in Puebla, Mexico in 1952. He is a composer as well a singer, some of the bands he was in where: the Avengers, Music Bottles, and Three Souls in My Mind. Then in 1984 he formed his own band and baptize it as "El Tri."

personal life:He is Catholic. He has a daughter that is in jail for hitting a worker who was cleaning a telephone booth and killing him. He is married to to Chela Lora they have being together for about 29 years.

education: He has no education.

contribution to society :He started a new era for Mexican rock and roll. In his songs he talks about how bad the government is and about social injustice. Most of his followers are teenagers. This era is known as "la historia negra del rocanrol mexicano" (the black history of mexican rock and roll).

why i chose:I chose Alex Lora because he is awesome and he keeps " la banda " together.

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