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Angela Salinas

Hello! My name is Adelfino Arellano. I have selected Angela Salinas to highlight as a great role model for Hispanic Heritage Month. Please read about Angela's contribution as a Hispanic to the US below and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end!


Basic Information:
Angela Salinas, 55, was born in Alice, Texas. She enlisted into the United States Marine Corp in may of 1974. She is currently a Major General in charge of many Recruiting Stations.

Personal Life:
Angela's life changed one day when she had gone to a post office to mail a letter. At the time, Salinas was a sophomore at College. On that day she met a Marine Recruiter who had ask her why she wasn't a Marine. To her surprise she had no good answer and from then on she gave thought that the Marines could give her a meaningful life. Three days later she enlisted and started boot camp the following week. Today she has reached the rank of Major General and is the first woman to take control of multiple recruiting stations.

Angela had graduated with a B.A in History at Dominican College where she also was promoted to Lieutenant afterwards. Last but not least she also graduated with a Masters Degree from Naval War College.

Contribution to Society:
Salinas was the first woman to assume command, or be in charge of, Recruiting Station Charleston in June of 1989. Later in 20001 she took command of the 4th Marine Corp District, and she has just recently been promoted to Major General in 2010.

Why I chose :
I chose Angela Salinas because my brother was in the Marine Corp as well and with that i feel that by having some kind of military back round I could understand the work and effort Salinas has gone through by being Latino and joining the Marine Corp. With that said, I can have a much bigger sense of pride of being Latino and having someone in my family with military background.

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