Hey!! My name is Maricela. I have selected Carlos Juan Finlay to show how he is a great role model for Hispanic Heritage Month. Please read about Carlos Juan Finlay below and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end! Have Fun!!

Basic Information:

Carlos Juan Finlay was Cuban in Camaguey, Cuba.

He was born in 1833 until his death at 82 years of age in 1915.


Personal Life:

Finlay was a one of 7 children born to Edward Finlay, who was a physician himself. His mother Eliza Isabel was a French woman. He spent most of his time in a coffee plantation his parents owned in Havana.


Finlay received his schooling form his aunt who had a school in Edinburgh, Scotland. He then attended a formal schooling and was sent to La Havre, France. He had to stop his schooling because he suffered from an attack of Cholera and returned to Cuba. He learned from his sickness and began his schooling again.

Contribution to Society:

During Finlay’s life he suffered from deadly disease. He suffered form Yellow Fever that helped him make his choice of becoming a physician in life. He helped his community and did not let other people persuade him to move to another homeland and begin his practice anywhere else. He stayed in Havana to help his people. There was a large amount of people that suffered from Yellow Fever in his hometown. He wanted to stay and help them and find new ways to help cure the disease.

Why I chose Carlos Juan Finlay?

I chose him because I always had a wonder of when people got bit by a mosquito and the harms that it would cause. Finlay had suffered Yellow Fever and discovered that a way to get Yellow Fever was by being bit by a mosquito and having it in your blood. He found cures and new ways to prevent the disease form letting it spread in ones body. He stood out to me and made me realize that he is an honor for Hispanic Heritage Month.

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