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Carolina Herrera

HEY!!! I am Marco Hernandez. I have selected Carolina Herrera to highlight as a great role model for fashion in Hispanic Heritage Month. Read about Carolina Herrera below and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end!

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Basic Information:
Carolina Herrera was born on January 8,1939 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Her current age is 71.

Personal Life:
Carolina Herrera was married in 1957 with Guillermo Behrens and had two daughters with him named Mercedes & Ana Luisa. She later divorced Guillermo Behrens in 1964.
Carolina Herrera married again in 1968 with Reinaldo Herrera Guevara, which was the host of “Buenos Dias.” A Venezuelan morning-televison show. She had two daughter with him named Carolina Adriana & Patricia Cristina

Carolina Herrera had no Fashion Education.

Contribution to Society:
Carolina's Contributions to society are that Carolina creates fashion because fashion is a way to express one's self to the world and with Carolina's clothes we can express who we are as people and who we are to the world.

I chose Carolina Herrera:
The reason I chose carolina is because she is a fashion icon and because I love fashion and she has a major role in my life of why I want to become a fashion designer. Also because there aren't a lot of Hispanic fashion designers in the world and she is a designer that celebrities know. For example Sofia Vergara and much more know her work. Also because she is major part in fashion and there aren't many hispanic designers and thank god she is one...

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