Hello, My name is Robin Cordero I would love for you students to read this cool info about this scientist that have change the field of science.

Cesar Milstein: Born 8 October 1927 – 24 March 2002

Biography: Cesar Milstein was one of the all time winning Scientist that is well known for the discovery of the principles of monoclonal antibodies. The discovery of these substance help patience with cancer, AIDS,and other diseases

Education:Cesar attend to the University of Buenos Aires and University Of Cambridge. He Studied


in Buenos Aires were he completed his doctoral dissertation and two year at Cambridge were he received a scholarship

Contribution: Cesar Milstein have contributed to society in science and medecine. His outstanding work led him to many prize Nobel prizes.

Why I chose Cesar Milsten: I chose this person because he is really interesting to learn about plus he's really smart and his a latin which all of us can relate too. It also shows that watever we set our minds to we can do it with our effort and dedication we set ourselves.

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