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Hey! My name is Manny Rosales. I chose Desi Arnaz as a role model for Hispanic Heritage Month. Please read about him below!


Life : Desi Arnaz was a Cuban-American. He was born on March 2, 1917 in Santiago Cuba.

He has a son named Desi Arnez jr. and a daughter named Lucid Arnaz. Both children are actors.

Career : Desi Arnaz was a television producer, actor and musician. He was in a Latin band named "Desi Arnaz Orchestra" while he was kind of popular, he is best known for the famous show he was in "I Love Lucy"

His show starred his wife, Lucille Ball.

Marriage : Desi Arnaz was married twice once with Lucille Ball which she divorced him, even tough they were divorced they remained close friends. His second marriage was with Edith Mack Hirsh. He became widowed when his wife died in 1985.

Death : Desi Arnaz was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1986, he passed away on December 2, 1986. Two days after what would of been his and Lucille's 46th wedding anniversary, she was the last person to ever speak to Desi before he died.

Education : Desi Arnaz didn't attend school, he only took acting lessons.

Contribution to Society : Desi Arnez not only made people laugh with his sense of humor and the famous show "I Love Lucy" he was the first hispanic to make a contribution to producing t.v. shows and also the first Hispanic actor to have a whole show based on his life with his wife.

Why I chose Desi Arnaz : I selected Desi Arnaz because he was the first Hispanic actor to have a t.v. show to himself, he paved the way for other Hispanic actors.