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José Cuauhtémoc "Bill" Meléndez

Hello!:) My name is Natalie Melendez. I have selected José Cuauhtémoc "Bill" Meléndez to highlight as a great role model for Hispanic Heritage Month. Please read about José Cuauhtémoc "Bill" Meléndez below and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end!:Dbill003__oPt.jpggs_bill_melendez_080904_m.jpgpolls_CJArtistMelendez_1615_700012_poll_large.jpg

Basic Information:

"Bill", was born on November 15, 1916 in Hermosillo, Mexico and sadly died at the age of 91 on September 2, 2008 in Santa Monica, California. Before he was creamated, "Bill" was a mexican-american cartoonist, film director/tv producer, animator, voice actor, composer, and screenwriter.


Personal Life:

In 1938, "Bill" started his career as an artist drawing for Fantasia, Dumbo, Pinocchio, and many others. After leaving Disney, "Bill" went to Warner Bros. and helped draw Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig. He was also did the voice of the Peanuts characters Spike, Snoopy, and Woodstock. He directed a few Charlie Brown specials and the movie Deadeye or Duty Done in 1975.


At a young age "Bill" and his family moved to Douglas, Arizona where he attended elementary school. After graduating from high school, the family and him left to Los Angeles where he attended the Chouinard Art Institute which is now called California Institute of the Arts.


Contribution to Society:

"Bill" was mostly known for doing the voices of Snoopy, Spike, and Woodstock. He helped with drawing many Disney cartoon characters and Warner Bros.

Why I chose José Cuauhtémoc "Bill" Meléndez:I chose José Cuauhtémoc "Bill" Meléndez because he his a huge achiever, met lots of famous people andworked with them. "Bill" seemed like he had a great life applying himself to get to the top by helping/working for others such as the cartoon characters and also doing his own shows. I too wish to become an animator/cartoonist like "Bill" and meet and work with other famous cartoonist and companies who create them. Hopefully someday I would have my own cartoon company and show:)

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