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Juan Marichal


Hello! My name is Bella Arroyo. I had selected Juan Marichal to highlight as a great role model for Hispanic Heritage Month. Please read about Juan Marichal below and don't forget to take the quiz at the end.

Basic Information:

Juan Marichal ,“The Dominican Dandy”, was born on October 20, 1937. He was born in Lagunas Verde, Dominican Republic. He is

currently 72 years old.

Personal Life:

He is not married nor does he have children.


Juan Marichal dropped out of high school when he was in the 11 grade to devote his time to play amateur baseball.He was also in the Dominican A.F (Air Force) until the age of 19 were he learned how to control his pitches.

Contribution to Society:

Juan Marichal was the first Dominican inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983. On June 15, 1963, The Dominican Dandy pitch a no hitters and was selected the Most Valuable Player of the 1965 game. Juan Marichal All Star Game record is 2-0 with a 0.50 ERA (Earned Run Average)

Why I Chose Him:

I chose Juan Marichal as a role model for Hispanic Heritage Month because he was one of the first Latin American baseball player to impact the NBL (National Baseball League).The Dominican Dandy impacted the NBL by his unqiue way of pitching in which he put his left leg all the way up that is almost horizontal and pitches with his right hand.He also had a great ERA during the 60s that stay with a 2.76, but even every role model has a down fall in his or her career. Juan Marichal's down fall was when he had a severe allgeric reaction to penicillin that caused him to had back pain and chronic arthritis which caused his ERA to shoot up to a 4.12. But he learned how to deal with his pain and bounce back with a 3.00 which concluded his career with 243 victories, 142 losses, 244 completed, 2303 strikeout and a 2.89 ERA over 3507 innings pitched. He also created a gateway for Hispanic to enter in the world of baseball.


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