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Hello! My name is Stephanie Gonzalez. I have selected Rita Moreno to highlight as a great role model for Hispanic Heritage Month. Please read about Rita Moreno below and don’t forget to take the quiz at the end!

Basic Information:
Rita Moreno’s birth name is Rosita Dolores Alverio. She was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico on December 11, 1931. She moved to New York City in 1937 with her mom. She is married to Leonard Gordon and has a daughter, Fernanda.

Personal Life:
Rita Moreno began her career before she was even a teenager. When she was eleven years old she had her first movie experience. Before her 14th birthday, she made her Broadway debut. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first female performers to win an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, and a Grammy. When she was 17 years old when got signed for a contract with MGM. From that point on, Rita Moreno became more known for her talents and appeared in more movies.


Contribution to Society:
She contributed to society in many ways, she led a path for the rest of the Hispanic females and even just females in general. She is involved in many organizations and events and she is currently a member of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Why I chose Rita Moreno: I chose Rita Moreno because she spoke for the rest of the Hispanic females. After her, females felt that they could also become something in life. She didn’t let anyone get in her way of her dreams. Being a Hispanic female myself I can relate to her. We often aren't treated as equals because we are females but we are the ones that have to prove them wrong and that’s what she did and I admire her for that.

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